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Consignors and Sellers

While realizing that parting with things can be difficult for many different reasons, a nice check can certainly make it worthwhile. Plus, doing business with ADORE is contributing to the most elegant form of recycling!

We pride ourselves on our inventory and we want what is best for you, our consignor or supplier, and also for our buying customer.

Long Distant Consigning

We love our out of state consignors. If you live outside the Triangle area and are interested in consigning with us,  please email us! We get some of our best merchandise this way.

Boutique stock buyouts: We also buy out or consign boutique inventory and offer complete discretion for other business owners. We love to help out other small businesses.

Items that we accept:

We accept ladies’ designer clothing, shoes, purses, accessories, jewelry and vanity items that are not older than three years.    All items must be clean (shoes and purses clean on the inside) and in like-new condition. Perfume however, can be half full. We also love pristine high-end designer vintage (our exception to item age).

What we do not sell:

ADORE does not consign, buy, or sell men’s clothing, children’s wear, lingerie, swimsuits nor  any items from any lower end mall stores or any discount stores.  Please keep in mind that we focus on high-end designer labels and boutique items not older than three years. Our best sellers are tops and designer handbags and accessories.

It is against the law to allow counterfeit items to enter the market place knowingly or unknowingly. We do not sell any unauthentic or “replica” items and are extremely against this type of crime. If you are not absolutely sure your item is authentic, we cannot take it. (With regard to Louis Vuitton and Chanel, we have several staff members who are excellent authenticators and are happy to review pieces you wish to sell. However, we only authenticate items that are going to be sold through ADORE.) Original receipts and packaging always help, if you have them. Please see for more information on how buying a fake purse affects the children who make them and how the counterfeit  industry contributes to terrorism.

List of Labels We Do Not Take -  Gap, Target (Xhilaration, Liz Lang, Mossimo, Merona... ) Coldwater Creek, Byer2, Forever 21, H& M, Old navy, A&F, Hollister, American Eagle, Aeropostale , Charlotte Russe, Vera Bradley, Chicos and Talbots are limited.....

We offer options to our suppliers:

Regular Consigning

Please call ahead to ADORE and make an appointment. (919 896-6739). You bring your clean, pressed clothing into us on hangers and accessories in bags. Knits and jeans may be brought in shopping bags or bins. Hangers are returned upon receipt of an item. Please note that nothing can be brought in garbage bags- no exceptions. We go through your items, judging them based on sale ability in our boutique. When an item is accepted, we set the selling price of the piece.

ADORE Resale Boutique has the highest returns on high-end designer accessories when you are ready to part with them! Nobody with our reputation, professionalism, or range of services can say that when it comes to Chanel, Louis Vuitton and other top-end items. 
Whether you're buying or selling your pre-owned handbags and accessories, ADORE is committed to building your trust. We do this by offering the most competitive offers, realistic prices and convenient tools for sellers and buyers of authentic luxury items.

Why Consign with us?

Receive maximum payout for your preowned luxury accessories by selling them on consignment. Our low fees and quick turnaround ensure that your items receive top dollar, professional presentation, and maximum exposure. 

Low Fees: 
Do the math! Our base fee is 60%of the selling price (you keep 40%), and 70% on the portion of the sale price over $500.

We do the work, so you don’t have to, and our services are also the very best:
    -  Impeccable reputation 
     - Friendly customer service 
     - Our expert team inspects, authenticates, photographs and prices your items to get them      prepped for sale.
Contact us today at


We will keep your items for a period of 90 days, wherein prices may be reduced every thirty days at the discretion of ADORE. At the end of your 90 days (your end date will appear on your receipt), it is your responsibility to call within 5 days after your contract ends if you wish to retrieve your unsold items. Items not picked during this period become property of the store and are usually donated. We do not notify consignors when their contracts are up. You are always able to track your items and balance on line.  Consignor checks are printed on the 15th of every month for accounts that have accrued $25 or more in the previous month and are available for pick up. Long distance consignor’s are sent.


Selling on the Spot

At this time, we rarely buy outright, with the exception of certain estates and boutique overstocks. If you have a Chanel or Louis Vuitton bag that you wish to sell quickly please call the store and speak to our staff.  However, it is in your best interest to consign it if you can wait for it to sell under our consignment agreement.

ADORE Coming to You

Our third option is good for people that want anonymity or are not physically able to bring their things to our store. We can also help with regard to an estate and understand that dealing with a loved one’s personal items can be a very emotional time. We have over ten years of experience helping local families deal with a loved one’s finery.

Please note that there is a $10.00 fee for us to come to your home for an appointment. If in need of this service, please let the ADORE staff member know when calling for your appointment,

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